1. March 12, 2016, Fund Raising Event “Carlitos Pazmiño”.  Carlitos is a child from  Ecuador who suddenly lost his sight at the young age of 5.  Together with his parents he came to the United States for medical diagnosis and treatment.With the support of Companies, Organizations, the Ecuadorian community and friends we were able to present  Carlitos’s mother Lourdes Valencia with a donation of $4000.00.

2 – Earthquake of Ecuador April 16, 2016. This was a devastated tragedy that touched all nationalities not only in Florida but other States as well.

Hands to Help decided to build 15 houses for 15 families in the town of Jama which was highly affected by the earthquake, leaving hundreds of families out in the open.   We were able to build 11 houses; some of the families were selected having in mind children with disabilities.  There were a total of 38 children amongst the 11 families.  The houses were enabled with the necessary connections for water, sewerage and electricity, beds and lines were also provided.  The house title and the land which was donated by the Municipality of Jama were deeded to each family.  The 4 houses remaining will be finish in 2018.

Hands to Help also participated in the collection and storage of supplies for other earthquake victims and  $1000 in medicines to Dr. Patricio Aguayo of  Santa Barbara Foundation a medical center in Portoviejo.


3. Economic assistance was sent to ill and disabled children in the cities of Quito, Guayaquil and Manta.

Alejandra Moran Estrella from Quito was operated to modify his skull structure and vision improvement

4. Construction of a girl’s bathroom in Hector Mendoza Malnatti School in Ayalan, El Morro-Province of el Guayas-Ecuador.



5. Hogar de Huérfanos Inés Chambers Vivero in Guayaquil. This organization takes in children and teenagers from the streets, provides them with hot meals, medical and psychological attention, basic education or a college degree and prepare them to be ready for a full integration into society.

6. Fundación Mercedes de Jesús Molina in Guayaquil. This foundation gives shelter to disabled  children from very low income families that live in the interior of the country and provides means to obtain medical attention for the children as needed.   

Sister Olga Zambrano – Director of Mercedes Jesus Molina Chelter for disable children


7. Shipment of sewing machines for the workshop of girls of the Nigeria group foundation in Guayaquil.